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” కథ,స్క్రీన్ప్లే,దర్శకత్వం-అప్పల్రాజు”

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Hello world!

Hi folks !!! Speaking about myself I retain to be optimistic(more precisely careless) even @ d worse happenings ever( inhibited this attitude since the start of my great BITS life which is so called “li8 lelo..” 😛 n u guys r very familiar wid wat i mean “happenings”). I’m a constant follower n admirer of some of my frens blogs but never had the zeal of making one such of my own. But finally found an urge to make 1 as I’m completely banged to boredom(no new releases on WS :waa :P).Still I’m in state of confusion of wat stuff to be posted here,even dont want to think of it ryt now.So will be makin some random posts which u may feel lyk shitty n nonsense,but i wish to say u guys that iam doin this for my own recreation by which i could pass on some time on this whole bloody campus(as u guys know i’m nt a gud batsmen 😛 :D)…